Aug 14, 2007

Heels fit for a Princess

Okay Okay your probably wondering "WHO THE HELL BUYS HEELS FOR TODDLERS" me that's who! I would never never buy such shoes for a little girl but when I saw them at Sears I just could not resist the temptation. At first I was horrified at the thought that there is a company out there making these kinda shoes for little girls what are they thinking? but at the same time I was thinking Hallelujah shoes for my little Princess! and when I asked the sales clerk if they had size 5 toddler, she told me the one I had in my hands where the last pair in stock and they happen to be the right size for my Presley I knew it was meant to be for her to have them. (Ya Right) Now Presley could walk around in her own pair of heels without putting on Auntie Norma's. I let Presley know these shoes where only to be worn inside the house!!! (Ha) I don't want people thinking I about lost my mind. Presley is as girley as they come. She loves her very own heels and walked around the house like she ruled it.