Sep 30, 2007

Who Pooped!

With 3 toddlers running around the house, the words “who pooped?” must come out of our mouth several times a day. This usually results in a game of chase as the Kieran, Haydan & Presley take off in all different directions trying to avoid the inevitable diaper change. Most of the time, the identity of the pooper is unknown until we either peek into the back of the diaper and see the smelly "Whodunit" or if one of us is feeling particularly brave, ( That would be me or Angela ) We simply bury our nose into their backside and sniff it out. Kieran, Haydan and especially Presley have become quite helpful in the “who pooped?” game as they can speak they all would say " It was Kieran!" "It was Haydan!" or "It was Presley!" or they all take turns peeking down the back of each others pants looking for poo-poo.

Sep 21, 2007

Dancing Babies

Everybody know how much I hate Disneyland, But I love Downtown Disney, Hmmm Maybe it the shopping that make me love it, like Sephora, Anne Geddes, Something Silver, Marceline's Confectionery and Club Libby Lu (for Presley) just to name a few. and lets not forget the live Entertainment.
Last week Angela & I took the Triplets. We had such a great time. We went into the Disney Store. I just had to buy our sweet Presley her very own Minnie Mouse Dress. Her eyes lighted up when she put it on. Awwww she looks so cute. Just look at her. I showed her how to twirl around in her dress. We stopped and listen to one of my favorite live entertainment " Alturas" so the kiddies could listen to it and dance. At first they where a bit shy but after 2 songs they were right at home. Dancing around. Presley was putting on her very own show. She loves the attention. She even had "Dyan Cannon" full attention.

Sep 20, 2007

Kids say the funniest things

The other day I over heard my sister asking her son Haydan,

Mommy; Haydan are you a girl or a boy?

Haydan; I'm a Children!

Kids say the funniest things. The reason why my sister asked haydan that question was because Haydan was upset Presley would not share her Ballerina Tutu with him!

America's Next Top Model

I purchased this Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini for the Princess the other day and Presley immediately put it on. We all know how much our sweet Presley loves to Ham it up for the camera, so what does Auntie Norma do best? Take pictures of course.

Sep 4, 2007

Triple Duty

What can I say about our wonderful little monkeys Kieran, Haydan & Miss Presley without taking up to much posting space. I love having them around. They all just make our day. I know to most of you you might think having three 2 year old's to take care of all day long and night must be a nightmare! IT'S NOT! It is such a beautiful blessing and an honor to be able to watch over them. I thank God for giving me all the patience and overwhelming love to give each and everyone of them. Oh Goodness where to start. Thursday morning started off great. I was dressed with makeup on by 7am. I left the family room for just a minute or two to pour a cup a coffee, The kiddies manage to get into my makeup bag and this is what happened. Errgh! I could spend the whole day just sitting back and watching how silly the Triplets can be. Between swimming in the pool and playing with their toys they always find their way to the couch for some wild monkeying around. With temperatures soaring in So Cal the Triplets have become water babies. and they all seem to never get enough of it.
When the sun goes down we hit the Park. Haydan & Presley love the swings, Kieran hates the swings and stays away as much as possible. He loves to rock on the pony rocker. Our sweet little Miss Presley has become a wild and crazed sand throwing monster. She's sweet one minute and next she's throwing sand at her brothers.
At the end of the day after picking up many times after the triplets, changing many diapers, preparing lot's of meals, cleaning up a whole lotta spills, wiping dirty little faces, and feeling my body exhausted with no energy in sight and finally putting Three little ones down for the night. and as I kiss and hug each one of them one by one good night, I Thank God for such a great day and allowing me to have them in my life, And I look forward for another day with all my sweet babies.