Dec 28, 2008

Mama's Feeling Complete

My Baby arrived Denver Airport this afternoon and Mama feels so complete now that Cory has arrived. Yay! I'm so proud of my son for waking up at the crack of dawn and being very responsible for himself. I have to say I was a bit nervous of the thought of Cory flying solo. This was his very first time printing out his boarding pass, checking himself in for the flight and going to the right gate to catch his flight and arriving safely into Mama's arms. Thanks you Grandpa (Rudy's dad for driving Cory to the airport in the morning. I just noticed my son has on the same cloths on the day we left!!! I wonder if he did laundry while I was away. Lord help me. Yikes teenagers gotta love them.

Dec 27, 2008

Colorado Here we come!

HERE ARE FEW PICTURE OF OUR ROAD TRIP. STORY TO FOLLOW..... I'M TO BUSY. SORRY. Thanks for your E-MAILS and as requested here are a few pic.....

Leaving my Baby Behind

Image and video hosting by <span class= Cory did not come along with us on our road trip to Colorado. As a mother my heart started to race when he announced he could not come due to Concert's he has lined up to play with his band. Than my heart really started to pound of the thought of Cory home alone especially on Christmas day. Cory reassured me everything was going to be alright and he will act responsible. I had no choice but to say okay stay. I had to think quickly "How can I get my child to Colorado to join us ASAP?" I got on the computer and booked him a one way ticket to Colorado due to arrive on Sunday morning. Hurray I'm so excited. Cory was okay with this, He is able to play in his concerts and be with us at the end of the weekend. Now that makes Mama so happy.

Dec 22, 2008

Holiday Road Trip

You think just when I finish getting my dose of Weydemuller Triplets I would be satisfied. Hell to the NO!  AUNTIE NORMA is headed back to Colorado, But this time I'm headed back with Da hubby, Our Boys and My Mom & Dad. I'm so excited. Gosh I could barley contain myself. soon we'll be on the road and headed to Colorado!  to be with the Weydemuller's for Christmas.  Since the Weydemullers are not able to come to California for Christmas till after the New Year due to Haydan's Surgery,  The Familia is going to Colorado to be with them. Thanks to my fast thinking and my crazy spontaneity. 

I know how excited Kieran, Haydan and Presley get when they see us. and I can't wait to always see their sweet reactions. Kieran will rub his sweet eyes thinking he is dreaming. Haydan will keep hugging and never wants to let go, and Miss Presley does her crazy happy dance by kicking her legs in the air and makes the silliest noises and Angela, just seeing her beautiful smile and the happiness on her face is worth all the long security lines at the airport or driving thousands of miles to see them.

I'm super excited because the whole family will be together for the holidays and when we all get together it become like a Chevy Chase Christmas Holiday and I hope my Dad doesn't read this But going with my wonderful, funny and very controlling man behind the wheel my Father it always become a National Lampoon's Vacation road trip.  Sorry Dad!
 I speak from experience!  My Father back in 1972 drove the Familia from Southern California to Costa Rica in 10 days  "In a 1972 VW Squareback" Oh the fun we had and the craziness that went on behind the wheel. Love ya Dad and thanks for the great memories.
VW Squareback 
 National Lampoon's Vacation 

Dec 18, 2008

I'll say it again!

I really am trying to get into the Christmas hoopla, really I am. I have the Christmas lights up, Made a wreath for my front door, got my tree up (Thank GOD for 1 minute pop up tree all I have to do is plug it in and watch my little 2 feet tree grow to 6.5 feet I call it the lazy mans tree it comes with all the trimmings attach to it, including lights! )  I sent out our End of the Year cards whoo hooo! and I was caught by Cory singing," It's beginning to look like Christmas" I don't know what got into me that day. HA! Anyways I'm trying and I keep asking myself as I try "WHY Bother"  I feel so fake when I get caught up in this artificial holiday invented by retailers. I guess I did it this year again for the Triplets, They are coming down for the holidays for Christmas and they love seeing the tree and the lights on our house. If you really want to know how I feel about Christmas "CLICK HERE"  and if you don't care to read it well Bah Humbug to you! Ha!
This years Holiday Card
If you didn't  receive a card from us yet it's on it's way or your not getting one.  This is what it looks like this year. Think of us next time you send out Christmas cards.  Ya that's right! You know who you are. ( Just Kidding ) 

Happy Birthday Angela

myspace comments myspace comments
Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday to You!  
Happy Birthday Dear Angela, Happy Birthday to You! 
Hey Sis it's your Birthday go out a Party like a Rockstar! Ha,
Ya right. You wish,  and I wish I was there to babysit the kiddies
so that you and Patrick can go out and celebrate 
Sis you still look Hot even after 40 Something.

Dec 16, 2008

Cory Scream, You Scream and Mama Scream"s OH GOD!

I love my children and pretty much support them in all they want to do. I just recently found out my Cory like Jonathan has his own band and is the main vocal singer of a Scream-o band However this new "SCREAM-O" stuff has me wondering what the Hell is going on with today's music.  Sorry Cory. Oh my it scared me crazy and makes my hair stand up and it keeps me wondering who let the beast out!!!! 

Gastro "WHAT"

Oh God I gave Cory "GASTROENTERITIS" That's just a big fancy word for " I think I ingested poisoned!" Last Thursday night Cory was in and out of the bathroom and I asked him if everything was alright? He answered back like a typical teenager YA! so I left it at that. Friday in the early AM 2:40 am to be exact, Cory woke me up and said Mom I don't feel good. Oh I knew that was a bad sign since my Cory never complains at that time in the early morning. Immediately I said Were going to emergency. So off we went.
The emergency Doctor said  Cory had GASTROENTERITI ! Minutes later the nurse attached an IV on Cory for about 40 minutes. We finally left the hospital emergency room a little after 4:00 am. 
  GOD did I really give something to Cory that made him that sick? Turned out I did because Rudy was sick with the same symptom's Cory had! Rudy's wasn't as bad as Cory. Turned out as we all sat and listed everything we ate the night before I guess my Fried Chicken did it.  Gosh I felt so bad because I ate and did not get a bit sick. Thank You GOD.

Dec 13, 2008

Triplets Chriatmas Photo Shoot!

This afternoon as I was going through my many pictures I took of the Triplets on my last visit. The Christmas Photo shoot really made me smile. After 100's of clicks from my camera and trying to get the best shoot of the happy Trio I think I got some pretty good shots. I remember Angela and I getting frustrated as time went on trying to get them all to look at the camera and smile but when you have MULTIPLES in front of a camera it's very very challenging trying to get them to just sit or stand like good little children for the camera.  See for yourself.

Dec 11, 2008

Webcams in Hospitals Priceless!

Haydan is recovering from his surgery like a little trooper. As you can see from the Pictures I took from our chat. Along with his Tonsillectomy he also had "Adnoidectomy".  Haydan has had  his Adnoids removed in Germany but the tissue has regrown so he had two surgery's in one day. Earlier today thanks to my sister Angela I was able to see my little Haydan on the webcam.  I am so grateful to Angela for allowing me to see Haydan, I'm sure she knows how much I really wish I was there with them.  Seeing my sweet Haydan lying there and talking to me in a soft voice just made me want to crawl through the camera and give him a great big hug and tell him how much we love him, But I'm sure he knows that already!  Angela could not get him to drink a slushy  but Auntie Norma did. I showed him three tickets to Disneyland and three tickets to Knotts Berry Farm and he went for the slushy drink. Ha!
 Thank GOD for webcams! and Thank You GOD for watching over our Haydan.

Dec 10, 2008

Prayer Request for Haydan

Tomorrow Morning our Haydee goes in for Tonsillectomy Surgery. He needs to have his Tonsil remove. 
I would like to ask all my Bloggy friends to keep Haydan in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. 
I wish I could be there for Angela and Patrick however I'm need to stay here because I myself will be preparing for surgery very soon. I will let you know about it soon, But for now keep our Haydan in your Prayers.  

Dec 9, 2008

Decorating the Tree

Angela  E-mailed me pictures of Kieran, Haydan and Presley decorating a Christmas tree for the very first time. Popa took the Triplets on Sunday to pick out their very first tree.  Oh my gosh how exciting for them. I wish I could of been there to watch and hear them sing Christmas song as they worked together on the tree.  I am grateful to my sister for finally dusting off her camera and took pictures of her kiddies!! Thanks Angela...
If your wondering why my poor Haydan is wearing a bandage on his face, Well he got clobbered "Again" by his Brother right next to his last mishap back in March of this year! Read about it "Here" Kieran threw the vacuum cleaner hose at Haydan. Thank God he only received a minor scratch next to his old scar. Ergh!

Dec 3, 2008

Feeling a little Christmas in me! "WHAT"

Many of you know how much I um could care less about Christmas anyways a strange thing happen to me while in Colorado I become this person who started to kind of like Christmas.
  • I was glad to attend the city star lighting ceremony. I even wanted to buy Christmas hats for us to wear on this day. "Yikes" but could not find the right size for the triplets.
  • I was looking for Angela's Christmas decorations in the basement so I could help her decorate before I went back home. "What"
  •  I wanted to teach the kiddies a few Christmas songs so I downloaded lyrics.  "Somebody shout Hallelujah!
  • Okay Okay they only learned the silly ones like, Jingle bell Batman smells and all I want for X-mas are my two front teeth oh and I saw Auntie kissing Santa Claus. Okay I change the words but it still had the Christmas tune to them. Ha!
I guess I just get in the Christmas spirit whenever I'm around the Triplets.  Yesterday afternoon the Triplets called Auntie Norma they were so excited they could not get the words out fast enough to tell me they have now started to decorate their home for the Christmas. Awwwwwwww I wish I could be there to share in their excitement.. Hmmmmm Gotta go I think I'll be booking a flight back to Colorado!  

The Hubby's New Love

Rudy decided it was time for a new Fridge. WHY I asked when our fridge was just fine!  I believe Rudy just fell in love with  Samsung's French Door Refrigerator  and just had to have it.     It was delivered yesterday afternoon. and it looks nice. This new Fridge has a secure auto close feature that I am truly going to love. If the door is left open an alarm chime will sound. Oh ya now that's what I'm talkin about!!!!
  I tell you everyday is Christmas with my Hubby. Thank You Rudy.

Dec 2, 2008

Camp Run-a-Muk

When I saw this sign, I just had to get it for the Weydemuller's.  I added the Three little monkeys. It's hanging outside their front door.  
Here are just a few of my favorite pictures I took of the Triplets on my last day with them.