Aug 14, 2008

Angelas Big Debut!

Yesterday on our way to "Gardens of the Gods" we made a stop at Focus on the Family visitors center. Rudy and I are financial partners with Focus on the Family and kinda wanted to see where our Dinero was going and because we just happen to be in the neighborhood. If you are ever in the area you should check it out for yourself. It's worth the stop there is so much to see and do there especially for the little ones. While we were there a woman stopped Angela and asked if she would like to be interviewed for an up and coming show for Focus on the Family that will be viewed on the Internet. Angela gladly accepted. The interview was about the challenges of raising children in today's society and what in particular we do to instill Christian morals and values in our children. Silly Angela did not even ask when the interview would be air....duh... when I ask her about it she said "oh, I didn't even think to ask" I say again...duh!!! I will find out and let you know when it air's...

Spreading Early Holiday Cheer!

The Triplets got into a big box of old baby clothes Angela was getting rid of and noticed some funny red outfits and asked what it was. I told them when they were just 5 months old this was their Christmas outfits. They immediately wanted to try it on. Um I told them they were to big for these little outfits but they all insisted on putting them on and this is how they looked. I laughed and told Angela they all looked like "Elves from Misfit land" but they sure looked cute as ever.
The Triplets at 5 Months

Aug 13, 2008

Spending time with Uncle Rulee!

Watching Rudy spend Triplet time with Kieran, Haydan and Miss Presley always warms my heart. He is so caring and soooo patient with these little monkeys. Rudy has always made the time for them no matter how tired or busy with work he gets there is always time and energy for all three kiddies.
Everymorning Uncle Rudy makes the Triplets their favorite breakfast Pancakes! They always remember and talk about Uncle Rulee's famous pancakes and how yummy they taste. As you can see for yourself by their great big smiles.

Aug 10, 2008

Reuniting with the Triplet

A veriy quick recap of our arrival to Colorado because I am totally POOPED out tonight to post Details sorry but I know so many of you expect Pictures so here it goes. Seeing the most beautiful, happy welcoming smiles from the Triplets and sister " Priceless" Going to PF Changs (or as Haydan calls it Mr. Changs! right after arriving "Yummy" Listinging to Uncle Rudy read a book to the Triples, "Very heart warming"

Aug 7, 2008

One more day left!

One more day left until Rudy and I have the Triplets in our arms.....There is still so much to do here! I need to make and freeze dinner meals for our boys who are not coming with us. Alert our surrounding neighbors about our boys. If they should see or hear parties going on (Ergh!) to let me know. and go shopping for last minute items..... it's only 11:30am and I'm already pooped out!

Aug 3, 2008

Weekend Happanings!

Friday I got HornBlasted. 
For years I've been watching these silly video's of unexpected humans getting Horn blasted and I would laugh myself silly at people's reactions to this loud horn and thought how much these people over reacted to this horn that sound like a freight train.

Well Friday I was a victim to this obnoxious loud nuisance. It scared the life out of me. 
I never knew how far up my right knee cap can touch my nose and how my arms can swing the way they did! and how I can close my eyes real tight and sing opera at the same time (oh so talented me!) ERGH! and I just never realized how loud the blast makes till I got Blasted.

Friday early afternoon I was walking towards my car in a supermarket parking lot and out of no where this car drove by me and tooted it's mighty horn!!!  I now promise I will never laugh and make fun of these poor innocent victims in these HornBlaster video. "I will laugh with them" Hahahaha!  

Jonathan was Rear EndedFriday afternoon my Jonjon was rear ended, Well his Scion did. Ha!
Jon is fine, Thank GOD just his car got crushed. I was so glad it was not his fault. The driver of the other car a young teenager was not paying attention, She was to busy on the cell phone (No bluetooth in her ear).
Happy 1st Birthday Aramis Addison
This little Cutie Patootie is our niece Aramis Addison and she turned 1 on Saturday. Rudy's sister carol is her Mommy. We attended her first birthday party on Saturday in San Pedro.