Jun 19, 2008

There goes my To-Do list

Okay this morning at 9am with a cup of Starbucks in my hand, Mmmmm and on a mission to complete my TO-DO list for our cruise this weekend the phone rang and it was my son Jon who goes down to the beach everymorning around 6am to surf the waves...

Jon: Mom?

Mom: Yes! (already know he wants something)

Jon: Mom My car key fell out of my wetsuit and are now somewhere in the bottom of the ocean.

Mom: J-o-n-a-t-h-a-n and what do you want me to do about it?

Jon: Can you please drop off an extra set?

Mom: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon: (low voice) Yes Please!

Mom: ERGH!!!!!!!!! Where are you?

Jon: Newport Beach

Mom: EEERRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! ( There goes my morning )

Well there went my morning! As I drove home after dropping off the set of keys to Jon, I decided to park and walk on the sandy beach.... Oh how nice the wind and the sand felt... I have to do this more often. Thank You God for allowing me to energise myself with your beautiful sun, wind and sand this morning. Forget my To-Do list today there is always tomorrow. Right? Besides I'm the biggest procrastinator I know.. Ha

Here are some pictures Jon took this morning. He is so talented behind his camera lens. Enjoy!

Jun 18, 2008

It's almost cruising time!

Oh God! In three days we will be on our Alaskan Cruise. I have been taking it easy the last couple of days I now realized, Yikes I better get cracking with my To-Do list. There is so much to do and so little time and energy. I am still so pooped out from chasing my sweet Triplets around.....

Jun 16, 2008

Tuesday we went to a indoor pool with Angela's friend Adriana and her son Ryan. The kiddies had so much fun.

Jun 12, 2008

Where's Cory?

This is our Cory
Last night I called my son Cory to say Goodnight, I asked him what he was doing? He said he and Jon were at his friend Joey's place.
After talking with Cory I called the Hubby to say Goodnight and here was my conversation with him;

  • Hubby: Hello
  • Me: Hi Baby calling to wish you a goodnight, Where is Cory?
  • Hubby: Um he is in Jon's Room.
  • Me: Oh ya
  • Hubby: Yes
  • Me: (trying not to get mad) "DO YOU KNOW REALLY KNOW WHERE CORY IS?"


Than as I informed him , Even though I am two states away I know where our son is! As I help watching over the Weydemuller Triplets, I ask myself who's watching my children.........

Jun 10, 2008

The Rock

Hallelujah! I finally found the church I have been searching for and would love to be part of it. It's got everything and more that I have been looking for in a church! The minute I step foot I knew I finally found it. The only problem with this church it's over a thousand miles away from my home. I have been hoping and praying that Patrick, Angela and the Triplets find a good church to attend. Before I came here I found out The Rock was close to the Weydemullers home so I took it upon myself to invite them last Sunday to attend this church with me. I said, " I'm going to church tomorrow anybody want to come? The next morning everybody came along with me even Patrick! He was feeling better and came along with us. Yay! I was so happy. The Triplets were very excited to go. Rudy and I would take them to our church when they were in town.

Here is a conversation I had with Kieran the night before: Auntie Norma: Kierry do you want to go to church tomorrow with Auntie Norma? Kieran: YES Auntie Norma: Do you remember going to church with me and Uncle Rolo? Kieran: Yes! I get to eat a "DONUT".

Haha my sweet Kieran made us all laugh! The minute I walked in this church I was at Aw, My mouth dropped everything about this church as you walk in to the right was an amazing coffee shop setup looked like a Starbucks, The had a book store and so much more. Jenny Platt Revolutions church Director of Children's Ministries I know would flip if she would see The Rocks Children's Ministries setup. Hey Jenny check out Noah's Ark. Inside is equipped with a great big play area hugh jungle gym with 3 big slides. They even rent it out for parties! As the worship service started my heart was overflowing with joy and the Holy Spirit, something I haven't experience in such a long time. After service I asked Angela and Patrick if they liked it and they did! Yay.... They will be back again. Thank You God. Below is a song that was sung during worship. When I listen to the words it just reminds me of how awesome our GOD is and what he can do.

You are GOD of this city

Never a dull moment

In the world of Triplets there is never a Dull moment that goes by. I could never finish any task I start. By the end of the day as I wash my face I realize I only put on mascara on one eye and not the other! Errgh! and I see all the different colors of food stains on my clothes yikes what a mess I am at the end of each day, But it's all worth it and I thank GOD for every crumb in my hair and down my blouse and my broken nails and undone makeup and hair and my never ending battle of trying to regain my energy to keep up with Kieran, Haydan and Presley. Thank you God for everything and allowing me to spend priceless moments with the triplets and at the end of the day as I read stories to them it's all worth IT!

Back in California

Mom and Dad has left Triplet land yesterday and are back in California. After three weeks of being here they were so ready to come back home. Dad Kieran missed his Opa especially this morning when you where not there to watch cartoons at 6:oo am.

Jun 7, 2008

Thank Goodness for Web Cam's

This is how I keep from missing my Honey. Our daily Web cam viewing of each others Mugs. Priceless...

Sick but not too sick to watch the Lakers

Poor Patrick was so sick, he is suffering from Vertigo and had the worse nausea. The triplets were so worried about their Popa, they were trying their best to make him feel better. They brought him things they thought would help, he had letter magnets, a brush, trains, Elmo, pillows, drawings, a doll, tongs and even a rocking horse!! It was so sweet. Although he was feeling so sick he stumbled out of bed, down the stairs and to the couch to "watch" the Laker game although he had to keep his eyes closed for most of the game.
The get well stuff the trips gave to Patrick.

Jun 5, 2008

Hello from Tripletland

Okay this is only my second day here and I already experienced a real "Emergency Alert Warning on the Tellie! Wow was I scared. (Really)
Auntie and her baby boys
 Photo Collage Photo Collage Photo Collage
The Triplets all went in for their haircuts and did very good. Not a tear in sight!
Yesterday Angela's wonderful friend also moved from Southern California, Adriana Guzman invited us for a delicious lunch. Thank You again Adriana for your beautiful hospitality. Below is a picture of one of Adriana's Three boys. This is Ryan. I fell in love with this shy but so lovable personality..
My sweet Kieran, How he makes my heart so happy
This is our Dad and Mom. What a Blessing to have them in our life.
Having fun and getting them all tired out and ready for bed so we can all have some quiet time.