Sep 29, 2006

Our Day at the Beach "Priceless"

Okay first of all it's past 12 midnight and I am running out of energy. I will make this real short. Yesterday we took the Triplets to the beach. This time we went to Belmont Shores about 10minute drive from home. It was Presley's first time on the beach.Oh how I enjoyed watching her first reaction to the waves covering her little legs. I really enjoyed just watching my sister Having so much fun with her babies on the beach, I just sat and snapped away with my Camera I must of taken over seven hundred pictures. No Kidding! I am so Blessed to be able to share in all their beautiful Memories. Thank you Jesus! Check out some of the picture I took on the beach at this website "Click here" or just watch the slide show on the right side of your screen.

Sep 24, 2006

....."Loving Every Minute of it!" My casa de choas

Even in the mist of crazy choas in the Ramirez house. I have to say Uncle Rudy, our boys and I are enjoying every minute of it. When all three babies are screaming their little heads off! or throwing temper tantrums and you feel like your head is going to explode and when it seems like every minute there is a poopie diaper to change or wash their little hands with soap when they find a way to get in the bathroom and play in the toilet or when we used up every last energy in our bodies, We Thank God for every minute of it! Being with the Babies is pure happiness and "IT'S ALL WORTH IT" They are all such a beautiful Blessing from GOD. When I go to bed at night I can't wait for the morning because It's one more day we have with my sister and her babies! I love them so much my heart aches with so much love for them! Miss Presley learned a new word yesterday "NORMA" yes she can say my name now, If I could only teach her to say Auntie Norma, I guess she is not quite ready to say the big word yet. She is so precious. And the boys Kieran and Haydan oh they are so full of energy! Kieran loves to bully his brother and sister around, Presley is small but she stands up to her big brother and fights her battle's very well. Again Thank you God for allowing us all to enjoy the triplets it is such a wonderful Blessing from you!

Sep 16, 2006

One of my favorite pictures

Going thru many pictures I took of the Triplets, This one made me stop and Thank God for all he is doing in Patrick & Angela's lives. Just to see my sister walking along side of her Babies Keeps reminding me of God's love and how good he is. I remember how Patrick and Angela after losing their first son Liam Charles in 2004, Never Blamed God and never got Angry with God, They put all their trust in him and kept seeking him for strength. They left their sadness and hurt in Gods hands and where and still are obedient to God and trust him completely. I truly believe Jesus has showered them with many blessings and continue showing his wonderful love to those who believe in Jesus! (Click on this link) > Genesis 22:1-18

Sep 7, 2006

Spending the afternoon on the beach

Rudy and I took the boys to the Seal beach yesterday afternoon. Kieran in blue and Haydan in red. It was their very first time on the beach. Presley did not go because she is doing the Vegas thing with her mommy & Daddy. So Rudy & I had the honor of taking care of the boys for 4 days for them. The boys ate sand and loved looking at the waves come and go! It is such a wonderful experience just to see the boys taking in everything. Looking, laughing, pointing at just about everything that came their way and just having so much fun. It brought back so many beautiful memories of when my babies Jonathan & Cory where that age. Oh how quick the time goes by.

Sep 5, 2006

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary! Wow 19 years with a man who has made my life nothing but wonderful. I truly believe When Rudy said to me and to God on that alter " For better and for worse", He really meant every word. Rudy has been nothing but the best husband any woman can ask for, He stood by me in sickness and in health. I have put Rudy through so much pain and many many years of trials, But he never Gave up on me or this marriage , God has truly blessed our marriage so much, He has given me my wonderful soul mate for life. I love my husband so much that I want the world to know how lucky I am to have such a man to love me... " I LOVE YOU RUDY RAMIREZ " .....Your wife who loves you so very much P/S For those of you who are really wondering if I gave my husband those beautiful gray hairs on our before and after pictures. Nooooooooo! I did not!!! Gray hairs run in his family. (Ha)

Sep 1, 2006

Babies! Babies! Babies! Everywhere

It's been a whole week with the Weydemuller Triplets and it's been such pure excitement in the house. It still feels like a wonderful dream, But it's real and they are truly here! Oh how I missed having my babies around me. Everywhere in the house there were babies at eye shot. There were moments when we have to stop and start counting 1-2-3 making sure they are close by. Even though we watch them like a mother hen, It only takes a second and Poof! They disappear. Rudy, Jonathan , Cory and I have enjoyed every minute of their stay with us. I can believe how much the triplets have grown and have their own personalities. Kieran is the silly one, He gives you the silliest faces, He loves to talk by making all kinds of funny sounds. Haydan well Uncle Rudy and I like to call him the "Beav" because he's got the cutest front teeth and when he smiles he's all teeth "Beav" is short for Beaver. and Haydan is the fastest walker of them all. Presley well she is so precious you just want to squeeze her forever, She is very bossy. she is very petite but very vocal and strong. Since her arrival to California, Miss Presley is "NOW WALKING" She finally decided to walk on her own Sunday August 27, It's funny she was able to walk on her knees very well and maneuver turns like a real pro. I was calling her ET for a couple of days.. The Triplets had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to the time change it took about 6 days, But they are doing good sleeping by 8:30pm awake after 5am. Wednesday morning, Rudy (My hubby) surprised me with the triplets in my bed. Rudy is awesome he looks forward to helping out with the babies. The babies really enjoy playing outside,and splashing in the pool, and playing with Molly our dog. This week has been so wonderful. I'm really enjoying just watching each and everyone of them as they experience everything around them. Thank you Jesus for bringing the Triplets into our life. How bless we are who have the opportunity to be around them.