Mar 29, 2008

Who you callin Grandma?

These past couple of weeks as I took the Triplets out shopping or the beach, people have come up to Me and flat out said "Oh Grandma must be proud of her triplets or what a lucky grandma, "WHAT" I want to say to them "Who you calling Grandma?" I don't know about your thoughts on how a Grandma or Grandpa should look like, Is it the many wrinkles around the eyes or the tired look or is it that they see how much love I have for Kieran, Haydan and Presley. Huh! As much as I am looking forward to being a grandmother, right now I'm not ready to be called Grandma!
I love this picture of this Granny. Pretty cool and funny with her own sense of style and not a care in the world as she smokes her cigar. I always believe you are only as old as you feel! and I'll bet this Granny feels real good about herself and never want to grow old. YOU GO GRANDMA!

Photo Shoot with Jon

We had a Photo Shoot with Jonathan last week. There is never a dull moment with Triplets. As my son took pictures so did I. Ha sorry Jonjon.

Mar 27, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday Cory

Today we celebrate our son Cory 17th Birthday. Wow 17 years, I want to Thank God for giving us such a wonderful son. Cory has the most caring heart for people. He is my Heart and Soul. I love giving my big baby hugs if I could get my arms around him, He is like a big Grizzly Bear so cuddly.  Again Happy 17th Birthday Cory may God always be in your heart. 

Mar 26, 2008

iPod Baby!

Last week Jonathan gave Kieran his ipod so he can listen to his music. Let me tell you watching and listening to Kieran sing along to the music was so much fun. He really enjoy's it. He goes outside to the yard and find himself a quite little corner and just sit and enjoy his music. We even find him dancing by himself. It's so cute.