Jun 17, 2009

Jun 16, 2009

What the heck is it?

  I had a Physical a few weeks ago and since than my life has been a rollercoaster with it's up and downs. I found out my Cholesterol is so high, I am due for a heart attack or stroke an minute now if I don't change my diet. Well I didn't have to think twice about my new lifestyle change. I am finally eating healthy and stocked up on my Omega fish oil and walking 5 miles a day. My Doctor decided not to put me on medication for my high cholesterol YET! She has faith in me that I could lower it with good eating habit and daily exercise.

My Mammogram test showed a few lumps, But with more testing it turned out it shows no evidence of Malignant disease. God is so Good! I just have Lumpy breast, Ergh

This morning I picked up my ultrasound CD from the Radiologist because tomorrow I will be seeing a specialist about my Pelvis ultrasound.  As I looked over my ultra sound pictures I wonder what the heck is in my Uterus? Yikes!  I know I can't be Pregnant, Rudy and I decided to shut down the Baby factory years ago! Ha!  

Keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow as I go get myself checked out again! Hopefully I only have a Lumpy uterus...... 

Jun 15, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog

I have a confession to make. This whole blogging thing has beaten me down lately. Can you believe I have been at this for almost 4 years? I can see how it has taken a downward slide lately. I was talking to an old friend of mine who mentioned that I just don’t update as often and she missed reading it. We talked about how it used to make her either laugh, think or just get a glimpse into my life. You know what? I miss that blog, too. I thought maybe I fell out of love with blogging and was ready to move on, but that just isn’t how I really feel. I really enjoy Blogging about stuff in my life, tell a story or post something that will make someone laugh or think. Or just laugh because thinking can be overrated. Ha!

I have been talking to a few people who Blog who have been at this for a few years as well and they have felt it, too. And it isn’t just burn out. Back “in the day” when some of us started blogging it was story telling and commenting and hanging out on each others’ blogs to share our lives and stories.   That was just when we laughed at someone else’s stupid typos in a post. Blogging trips? That was when you went to another blogger’s home to visit. It was just different. It’s not like I am sitting in a rocking chair talking about the good old days and yelling at the new bloggers to get off of my lawn. Change happens. “Blogging just isn’t as easy as it used to be.”

I am at a turning point in this whole thing. I either remember why I love blogging and get to it or I play the game that the new wave of blogging has become or I quit. Well, let’s just say upfront that quitting is not an option for me. I love telling stories. I love my corner of the Internet– cobwebs and all. But posting only because I am being told I have to by someone else who has no interest in my blog or even just writing to say “Hey, look! I have a blog!” are not acceptable to me anymore. I need to write something like ASAP or get off the blogging thing.