Oct 30, 2006

Auntie & her Princess

I am enjoying every second I have with my Precious Princess Miss Presley. The Princess will be leaving California and heading back home on Wednesday with my parents, and you better believe I am spending every second of her stay with me.

Just taking in every little silly thing she does. I love to just sit there and watch her dance, talk with Miss Molly and figure out how things work, I get such joy just to listen to her laugh and when she covers her little mouth with both her hands as she is laughing is especially so much fun to watch and listen to. I love how she runs to me or Uncle Rudy with such excitement in her heart to give us a big hug. She is my sweet little girl I never had.

I have been so blessed to been able to spend so much time with the Triplets the last two months. I will have so many memories of each and everyone of them that I will forever carry close to my heart.

The Triplets have truly giving me and my family so much wonderful Blessed "JOY" in our lives.

I love you Mimi

Oct 24, 2006

How do you mend a "Broken Heart"

The day I most dreaded has finally arrived. My sister Angela and the boys Kieran & Haydan are on their way back to Germany. Presley stayed on for one more week. She will be flying back with my Parents the beginning of November. The knowing that my babies are no longer here for Auntie Norma to Hug and kiss and cook for them is breaking my heart to pieces . I am usually a very emotional person when it comes to Goodbyes however saying goodbye to my sister and my baby boys was beyond emotional for me. The last 24hours has been so hard. I am missing my silly little boys.Kieran with his silly chatter and silly walk and Haydan I will miss the way he would look at me with those sweet eyes and beautiful smile Those two little clowns always had me laughing.

Now it's the silence of my house that's driving me to tears. I sure miss my Casa de Choas.

I love you Angela, Kieran and Haydan,

Oct 13, 2006

Molly comes home!

God is Good! Thank You all for all your prayers. Our precious Miss Molly came home from the Hospital. Test results arrived and had a wonderful report. No sign of Lymphoma cancer. Just had the bad case of swollen lymphnote. and Rudy & I got a bad case of the to much $Dinero$ over a Thousand plus dollars for her stay at the doggie hospital. What a relief. Our 3 day Rollercoaster Ride finally came to an end. Miss Molly was full of energy when Rudy and I picked her up. Tail a wagging, Jumping up to me to give me slurpy kissess, Oh what happiness I felt again. Molly needs to take two kinds of meds for a while but she will be okay. Tonight Rudy and I where suppost to attend Journey concert at the Hollywood bowl, But due to the rain we decided to go eat at one of our favorite place The Palms . We even order a Filet Mignon to go for Miss Molly. She ate every bit of it!

Oct 12, 2006

Molly is in the hospital!!

My Baby Girl Molly has been Hospitalized! I feel so lost without my day time shadow! On yesterday's post regarding Mollys costume I fail to mention how sad my doggie has been since the Triplets left to grandma & Grandpa's house last week. For all I know she was depressed and I was doing my best to make her happy, even buying her costume early. Molly has not been eating in the last 4 days "NOTHING" She did drink lot's of water sometimes way to much like she could not get enough of it! She even stop Barking at the Mail Man and that crazy driving UPS truck. As I was taking her Halloween Super Dog costume Pictures I notice her so weak only one Picture I took out of many she sat up only because I made her, My poor baby. I looked straight into her hazel eyes and notice her joy was gone. I immediately rushed her to Veterinarian. There Dr. Giannone check her out and said My Molly Lypmphnodes are very swollen. The Doctor needed to run some test on her to make sure she does not have "Lymphoma" All I heard was CANCER Oh my God my Molly Cancer! Also the Doctor needed Molly to stay in the hospital for a couple of Days so the can put an IV in her because she was very weak and very dehidrated. I checked her in kissed her goodby and left! Oh the tears we shed for our beloved pets. I had to think positive or I was going to lose it. It took me till this afternoon to compose myself and pay my Molly a visit. She was so happy to see me & Cory. She even wagged her tail. I about lost it! I just wanted to crawl in the cage with her and tell her it is going to be alright. One of the employees notice Molly so happy with us he decided to give her some of his Lunch (Tuna fish sandwich) She has not touched food in 5 days. He figure she's happy she might eat "SHE DID" she ate half of his sandwich Oh how Happy that made me! Molly is such a great dog; so affectionate, so caring, so smart. It really breaksmy heart and everyones hearts who knows her that she’s going through such troubles. She’s such an important part of my life, and my family’s life. She’s young, only six years. Please Pray for her and my Family. As Tomarrow we should know the results of her TEST! Thanks,

Oct 11, 2006

Molly's Halloween Costume

I finally bought Miss Molly her Halloween costume last night. Since she has been such a Super Dog with the Triplets, I decided what better way to let everyone know how super she is to Us. Molly has been with us four and a half years. We adopted her through Fox channel 11 news. Molly has been nothing but joy to our family.

However this past week Molly has been somewhat depressed, I believe she is missing the Triplets. She walks around looking so sad, When I call out the babies names she runs around the house and backyard looking for them. I might have to go pick up all 3 babies at my mom & dad's house today just to make my Molly-Moo happy.

I love my dog so much. I don't know what I would do without her.She keeps me company throughout the day. She is my shadow in the daytime. and in the mornings she will actually say " I wove woo!" to me. Yes my dog can talk! REALLY!

Oct 2, 2006

Having a Ducky Day!

Today Angela & I took the Triplets to Heritage Park, in the city of Cerritos(Click to see park Pictures) about 10min drive. It was the first time they were face to face with Ducks. Oh how they loved it. Even though Kieran was a bit scared of them he love laughing at the ducks every time they made a noise. Angela and I where so scared to Blink because the Triplets were quick on their toes and try to jump in the water any chance they had. (huh don't know if this park was a good idea) Ha! Kieran & Haydan learn to hang on tight on the Jungle gym pole, Poor Miss Presley she did not have the strength to hold on tight like the boys so she gave up real quick! It was such a nice day the sun was shining the Triplets where happy and that make me so Thankful for another day with the Triplets...... Thank you Jesus! For another Priceless day..