Apr 30, 2009

3:00 am Do you know where your husband is?

Ah! I'm sure my sweet Husband is sound asleep! He's been working so hard attending Launch parties, News Conferences and taking care of Business
Um, come to find out my sweet Husband has been out all night long! ( Ah'Hum) excuse me while I clear my throat!
Now many of you know my hubby is out of town on company business. He's in Brazil, South America. Yes I know he needs to be there, He's has a lot of responsibilities there and "I KNOW" he has to attend important events!
Arriving at your Hotel room after 3:00am?
YES! 3:00 AM.  That's not acceptable!!!

I know my hubby, When it's 11:oo pm it's sleepy time for him!  I practically have to carry him to our bed, he's so tired!  Not so on his Business trips. He seems to always be wide awake and raring to go! 

Your probably wondering how I know about his after 3:00 am all nighter,
I guess he didn't realise, Brazil is "FOUR" hours ahead of pacific time! when he called me to check in! I guess he forgot about the time in Brazil, Duh!  I'll just blame it on Jet lag or one to many drinks for my man!

But is he so BUSTED! and that's not a good thing if your married to ME!

The only way he could make it up to me ( are you reading this Rudy?)
Is if he brings me something nice and expensive!!!

Apr 29, 2009

Delete, Goodbye Forever! My so called Friend

I deleted quit a few people off my Facebook friends List yesterday and I'm happy with the number I have now. I'm not trying to win any popularity contest. And no one should be offended or upset if they get taken off as a friend. It's life. Everyone does it and everyone has it happen to them, for various reasons. I know my name has been take off at times. Yikes!

This whole social networking thing is beginning to swallow my humanity. Being friends with certain people I haven’t talk to in years is too impersonal for me, and to be bombarded with pictures and comments on my wall of acquaintances and their friends' activities feels like I'm intruding on their privacy and frankly I could care less to respond. There's some people that have tried to add me that I know, but I've rejected the invite, These are people (mainly from the past) whom I'd never really talk to in real life. If I ever bumped into them, there wouldn't be a friendly comfortable conversation. When I see people with lot's of friends on their list, I wonder and think what percentage of those people are actually friends they know, or people they'd actually talk to in real life. Sorry to be so pessimistic Ha!, I like facebook, but some people do take it overboard.

The term “Friends” on facebook is a loose term because a person’s definition of a friend all depends on how they use it.

For me, I have facebook because it help me stay more socially connected (through events, photos, and feeds) with people, "My Friends" I really like and care about, but don't see much because of distance. And because of Facebook, I have connected with several wonderful classmates, I thought I'd never had the chance to get to know. and can't wait to meet again.

I don’t use Facebook as an alternate universe for real life, New friends still come from real world connections. Facebook just provides the infrastructure to make them work better.

The real value I get from facebook is;

"Staying connected with Family and old Friends I care about."

Apr 27, 2009

Three Reason's why I miss Colorado

  1. Kieran
  2. Haydan
  3. Presley

My Baby Branded for Life

A couple of weeks before our Cruise I had a conversation with Cory and it went like this:
  • Mom: Cory when we go on our Mexican Cruise your are old enough to get a Tattoo (18 years old). 
  • Cory: Ya I know Mom!
  • Mom: Hey Cory, I'm just kidding Ha!
  • Cory:  HEY MOM?
  • Mom: WHAT!
  • Cory: (Lifting up his shirt) Looky, Looky what I got!
  • Mom: Holy *#?*! 
Let's just say, Rudy had to peel me off the floor, I was in shock for a while. My baby got a Tattoo just hours after he turned 18 years old. ERGH!!!!!!!!! 
Why a Bear?  When Cory started to get hairy a few years back, I started to call him my Bear, Cory had a Ex-girlfriend named Amanda who passed away in November. She use to called him Her Bear so in Honor of her he decided to get a big o bear.  
Click "HERE" to read about Amanda.

Apr 26, 2009

Bring me back a Thong!

My Hubby left for Brazil this morning for a whole week! Gosh what am I gonna do without him, Hum, Well I can't go to Vegas that's for sure. Da Hubby has me on Las Vegas restriction for a while, Ya see I kinda spend a little to much on Our cruise Gambling.  How much you ask, well it was a few thousand dollars, ( just a few).. I know, I know, But ask me if I had fun?
Most of you know Rudy is Senior Director for DirecTV Latin America (DTVLA)  and is headed to Brazil to Launch high-definition (HD) services in Latin America. My poor hubby he wanted me to go with him, However I am still pooped out from our cruise and I still have " The Hives"
My body is reacting to a Dental procedure I had a few weeks back and it really sucks. I have to endure hours of itching and there is really nothing I could do but apply medication and overdose on Benadryl everyday. 
So as I gave my hubby a great big kiss this morning, wished him a safe trip and waved him goodbye as he walked into the airport terminal I yelled out, " Hey Baby bring me back a Bikini Thong"  Talk about making grown men blush, There were a few there that Blushed as they past me by. Oh well I can't help it, I was just being me......

Blogging Nothing again


    [proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-]  –verb (used without object)
1.to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.  -someone who postpones Blogging (especially out of laziness )

Here I go again! It's not that I am way to busy to Blog, I'm just being a big o Procrastinator. Why oh why do I do this.... 

Apr 24, 2009

So you think I would BLOG!

So you think I would BLOG since I could not sleep last night! Nooooo not me, Instead I was reading other Blogs and catching up with my E-mails. I am such a Procrastinator when I know I have so much to post. ERGH! 

Apr 22, 2009

Our Easter Cruise

 April 12 we went on our annual cruise to Mexico. This is our 4th time doing the same cruise and we love it every time. The boys did not take a friend this time because we booked it a few weeks ago and there was no time to plan for friends to come along. It worked out just fine for them.  They always seem to find more than a handful of friends on the ship anyways.
Rudy and I ate and drank just about everything in sight, and now we are paying for it!  
If you have never been on a Cruise all I can say is "What the heck are ya waiting for?"

How could I forget this one

I am such a bad, "Band Mama", How did I let this super story slip by for so long. Our very own Anthony Colocho appeared on The Hannah Montana show last month. A few month back while my sons band "Nextdoor" were in a recording studio recording their first set of Demos, One of the producers there works with Hannah Montana and Mitchell Musso asked Nextoor that Mitchell Musso needed a bass player to play on the show so Anthony stepped up to the plate and appeared on the show which aired in March.  Whoa!  Way to go Anthony we love ya baby.

Anthony's on the Left wearing a black shirt and grey sweater

Apr 21, 2009

I'm Blogging again!

Oh gosh where to begin! I guess looking at my last Blog post March 27th to be exact it's been quite a while since I've posted.. Yikes!

I'm really into the Face book thingy and I love it..... I believe it a lazy mans way to post stories, However it's not fair to most of my Bloggy friends who don't want nothing to do with facebook and miss my Blog post. "SORRY." I've recieved many E-mails from you wondering why I haven't been posting anything and if I was ever going to post again. So back by popular demand  "I'm back" and I'm sorry for the long delay.
So tomorrow I will have a whole recap of all that's been going on in my life since I last blogged. 


I'm itchy

Okay this is not funny I've been having a big problem with itching, Bad case of the "HIVES" it from a chemical reaction to my dental work.  
I know that my mind is warped, probably far beyond the amount of others, but here is a funny book I found It's  titled "The Dude Ranch Dudes"
Ok - issue one - Look at the cow in the bed!! Oh. My. Gawd. what is he doing?
Now the girly one is telling dude he has a rash....
Seriously - the rash is so not funny - but is in need of rubbing??
So why does the concert poster advertise the Dude Ranch Dudes - but there is totally a girl in the band. Isn't there? Or maybe not?! Hmmmmmm....
Dude is rubbing and rubbing while he sings, and everyone is watching him and wondering what the hell he is doing?? SERIOUSLY??
No freakin way??!!! So everyone saw that Dude has a rash - AND IT LOOKS LIKE FUN TO RUB IT?????! Holy mother.....