Jan 12, 2009

A Mothers Nightmare!

My JonJon went skiing Saturday with friends and returned with a hugh bump on his right elbow. Of course I freaked out as he showed me his injury. I don't even want to tell you how freaked out I got when I looked at his elbow and how mad I got when he showed it to me with a big smile and said,
  • Jon:  "MOM it's nothing" 
  • Me: "Oh my God, That's nothing?
  • Jon: Laughing Mom don't worry.
  • Me: Worry my ass, We are fricken going to Emergency NOW!
  • Jon: still laughing, Okay let me at least go take a shower before we go!
  • Me: Shower my Ass, Rudy get my keys!
  • Jon:  Again still laughing, God okay okay let's go!
  • Mom: That's right Listen to your Mama and "MARCH" to the ER!
Turned out it was just a real bad bruise and just needs to soak in ice.  "Thank GOD"
Half hour later,
  • Me: Where you going Jon?
  • Jon: To a party in Hollywood!
  • Me: ERGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting Baby Ryan

I finally met Ryan James last Saturday and let me tell you it was worth the wait! He is such a sweet baby with a awesome little personality and so smart for his age, 9 months. He goes up on my top list of favorite babies. His Mommy is Trish and very proud Grandma Dottie Rae. They are Angela's very good friends.  
Saturday afternoon we spend the first part at my house and the second at Um, Downtown Disney. ( Yay? ) I could care less about going to downtown Disney but hey I went to help Angela with the Triplets and to be in good company of two wonderful friends and it was such a warm afternoon.  Rudy opt out in going with us, ( The Coward) Ha! 
The Triplet can't get enough of this little guy. They love him to pieces. 
I love this picture of Trish with Haydan & Kieran
Toward the end of our day, Dottie Rae treated the Triplets with their very own Build a bear. They had so much fun picking out the bear, watching it get stuffed and sticking a little heart in the bear. They love their little bears, well not exactly bears Kieran & Haydan picked out a cute Doggy and Presley picked out a sweet moose with a red bow on top of it's head.
Thank You Dottie Rae for a great ending to a beautiful day
The best part of going to Downtown Disney with the Triplets is "The Goggle Eye" The minute we get there Haydan wants to go immediately to check out Donald Ducks great big goggle eye!  He stand right underneath it and stares at it for a long time with a great big smile. Awww it just melts my heart away every time I witness his excitement with that darn eyeball.
Priceless Moments gotta love it every time!

Jan 7, 2009

Bear's oh my!

My New Addicton

Lord help me! and help Rudy's wallet Ha! I have a new addiction and it's Lashes! Beautiful Lashes. A friend got me hooked and it's been heaven. I have to drive 45 minutes to a beauty salon to have them put on and takes about 20 minutes. It's so worth it because ladies they stay on up to 3-4 weeks on. Oh ya I'm loving my lashes. 

My Nephew Scott

This past weekend we had to say goodbye to our Future Family Doctor, my nephew Scott. God only knows how much I love this kid. Who is this kid you ask? He's my sister Ingrid's son.   I'm glad I was able to spend time with him while out here in California for winter break. He goes to University of Chicago and in June will be graduating and has made the Dean's list every year since he started College. Scott has made us all so proud to be in his life. Did I mention before he was class of 2005 Valedictorian. Yes he's the studious one in the family.
I'll stop bragging about him for now because I need to save that for later.
Scott stay warm, Be good and can't wait to be there when you Graduate with honors again!
My sister Ingrid and Scott
(L-R)   Mom, Angela, Scott, Ingrid and Me

Jan 6, 2009

My New Year's Resolution is not to make any more NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! this way I don't set myself up for further shortcomings. I just need take it one day at a time, and stay focused. This year my goals are: 1.TRY to live a healthier lifestyle. I will try to lose some weight. Diet and exercise should be a part of my vocabulary now. 2. Work on Health. I am not getting any younger. Regular checkups, exercise, relaxation, healthy eating is all I need. oh, and those vitamins are important too. 3. I resolve to complete all tasks in a timely manner. In other words, I should stop PROCRASTINATING. This list could go on and on and on... But at the moment these 3 things just happen to cross my mind. 

Jan 2, 2009

Christmas with the Weydemullers

Christmas with the Weydemullers
We had a delicious Christmas dinner that Patrick prepared and made all by himself. Everything taste delicious. Thank You Patrick for all your yummy dishes.

Garden of the Gods
Last week Jon, Rudy, My dad, Patrick and me went to the Garden of the Gods. This was my second time there and I wanted to take Jon so he can see what I have been talking about when I went. Jon was taken away by all the beauty. It was so cold when we arrived and stayed cold till we left about 20 degrees but I was so glad that the sun hung around all day.    

Movie Time

Okay my family gave me such a hard time for taking pictures inside the movie theater. They could not believe I would do such a thing. You know what I had to say about that "WHATEVER"!
 Last weekend we all went to the movie theater and watched " The Tale of Despereaux" Cute movie. The Triplets loved it and my boys loved it and that's all that matters.

Heading back Home

Patrick saying goodbye to the Wifey and his Babies

 Early Tuesday morning at 5:00 am we headed back to California,  and brought back three special packages. Yes! the Triplets and my sister caravan back with us. Patrick stayed behind but will join us in California soon. We drove over a thousand miles and enjoyed every bit of it. You would think traveling with three, Three year old in a car for over 18 hours would drive anybody crazy, Your wrong!  Kieran, Haydan and Presley  as always such well behaved kiddies. We just had to make many pit stops along the way so they can run around and stretch their legs and arms. I would call these pits stops, " Exercising the doggies" Ha! We all took turns driving both cars and at times driving each other crazy. 
The hardest drive for me was driving past Las Vegas without stopping! GOD I was like a dog foaming at the mouth as we passed by and of course my family had a great time poking fun at me. Damn them!