May 30, 2008

Manic Shopping

I'm not a spoiled wife, Just a very blessed wife. The hubby is such a giving soul he never questions my spending habits. I have been on a shopping spree. Looking for summer clothes and clothes to take on our up coming cruise. I could spend hours and hours shopping, something the hubby and our boys don't understand and will never understand. Yesterday Mary Bell and I spend the whole day shopping at South Coast Plaza I love that place. I know I could spend not hours but weeks and weeks there.We had such a fun day. UM MARY, We need to do it again! Bless me Father for I have sinned... I have fallen into wicked evil ways of manic shopping. I've stayed pure and virginal to manic spending Lord, but I was tested sorely lately and I failed. I was weak.... so very weak - and I fell into temptation of sexy shoes and figure hugging clothes. Manic shopping got me Lord, it got me good. If I'm going to hell for my evil ways, " At least I'm gonna go lookin good!"

My Chinese Heritage

I was going thru some old pictures and found a long lost photo I have been searching for years. It's a photo of my ancestors that was giving to me by my grand Auntie Teresa. My Grandmother (my father's mother) is full Chinese she was born in Canton, China. This picture was taken in the late 1800's. The old woman sitting in the middle bottom row is my grandmother's, Grandmother.

I have forgotten how much this photograph of my ancestors gives me the creeps but I am grateful that I have it and it's now in a very beautiful frame to remind me, that I have Chinese Heritage.

May 27, 2008

New Pictures of the Triplets

Angela finally E-mailed me a few pictures of my babies. Gosh I miss them! They are all as silly as can be.   This past weekend the Weydemullers took Grandpa and Grandma out to Denver to check out the sights.

May 8, 2008

Never a dull moment

Mary Bell came over for some girl time. I love every second I spend with her. When we get together we become Lucy Ricardo and Ethal Mertz. Tonight we decided to do some IMac Photo Booth Pictures, Pretty scary huh! Check out my Jay Leno chin and my beaver teeth Ha! I love this picture below a few years we attended a pajama New Years eve party Mary and I decided to flash Santa Claus and Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
You see never a dull moment with my Mary Bell, I love her.