Dec 31, 2007

The Weydemuller finally arrived!

Great news the Weydemullers have finally arrived at their final destination at 7:30pm tonight. For those of you wondering what took so long, The Weydemullers drove. Yes with the Triplets.  Patrick & Angela said Kieran, Haydan and Mimi behaved most of the time. They watched a lot of videos and sang songs. The kiddies got a little wild once inside the Hotel room. Can't blame them after sitting many hours in a car I would go hog wild myself. Rudy & I kept in contact with them thought the trip and every time we talked to the triplets they always had something exciting to say about their trip. Awwww they sounded so cute describing everything they saw. The Weydemullers drove through very snowy roads and even had to wait hours for a major road to open up.
Thank You Jesus for watching over The Weydemullers road trip and bringing them safely to their new home.  

Dec 30, 2007

Having fun with Triplets

The other day Kieran, Haydan & Mimi were all in a singing mood so Auntie Norma had them sing away for all to see and hear.  Enjoy!

Dec 8, 2007

Mimi's smarter than a 2 year old

Presley Katherine Weydemuller better known as Mimi. She is our beautiful sassy baby girl. Everyday she surprises us with more words to her vocabulary.