Feb 3, 2013

Triplets here we come!

Rudy and I are going to Colorado on Friday to be with our sweet Triplets and of course Angela and Patrick! I don't know who's more excited Rudy or me. Rudy has not seen the Triplets since 17 of April and I since June 16th But we both missed them so much and can't wait to see them. They are such a hugh part of our lives.
Our boys Jon and Cory will not be going with us which has me a bit nervous okay very nervous. They both decided to stay home and not go. They have a pretty important concert to go to and since they are both bigger than me I can't force them to go! Darn it!  Little do they know my parents will be paying them a surprise visit when we leave. (Thanks Mom & Dad)....

For months I have been asking Pat and Angela if I could have the Triplets for a month or two to give them a well deserved  break from the kiddies and give them lot's of alone time with each other. Angela was open to the idea but Patrick had to really think about it. 
Hey what's to think about I told myself. Patrick and Angela know We take care of the Triplets like they were made of gold and they know how much we love and care for them. What's to think about???? Who in the world would take care of 1-2-3 kiddies all at the age of Three for a whole month and for FREE"  Auntie Norma and Uncle Rudy that's who.
Well our prayers were answered today and we got the Thumbs up from Papa Patrick...We can bring the Triplets home with us when we return back to California....Yay!

I know to many people this sounds like a nightmare to care for Triplets for a day or two, 
But to the Ramirez Family it's a great Blessing from GOD and an honor to do it.
Thank you GOD for giving us this beautiful opportunity to again be able to share in Kieran, Haydan and Presleys lives...........

Feb 2, 2013

I'm Back in California

I'm back home now. After spending 12 wonderful days with my sweet babies I still feel like I did not get enough of the Triplets. Yesterday was so hard for me as I had to say goodbye to Kieran, Haydan and Presley they do not understand why I had to leave. Oh my heart was breaking as I hug and kissed each one of them. As I gave my sister Angela a kiss and a hug I finally broke down as she left the airport. This morning I was hoping to hear my sweet Kieran singing softly by my bed as he always did at 6:oo am. Than I realized I was back home. So today I spend the day praying for the Weydemullers. I learn first hand with Triplets it's a never ending job, the minute the Triplets wake up till the second they fall asleep at night, it's non-stop work... Angela has no outside help. With Patrick's long work days, Angela does it all. I really wish they can move back to California where she can get all the family support she and Patrick need.

Here is just a few out of 2,414 pictures I took of the Weydemuller's enjoy!