May 24, 2009

Taught her well regarding Vegas

Auntie Norma: Hey Presley where does Auntie Norma like to Go?
Presley: The Las Vegas. 

 Going thru all my video's I have of the Triplets this one is by far one of my favorites. Presley has heard me talk about Las Vegas so much and how excited I get when I even think of Vegas. Last year I asked the Triplets what they wanted to do that morning and Presley said, " Vegas because Auntie Norma loves Las Vegas"  If you don't think children are not paying attention to what you say,  Think again!

May 6, 2009

JonJon's New Girl!

My Jonjon has a new girl!  Her name is Kelly.  She's a very sweet and very polite and that's a great big plus in Mama's book. She enjoys going to church services with Jon and would like to start her very own Bible class.  She attends Cal State Long Beach  CSULB. Rudy's almamater.

 She brings joy to my son and I like her and that's all that matters!

This is Kelly in one of Jon's photo shoots

May 2, 2009

swine flu

According to every single headline I’ve seen it seems that there is an outbreak of something called the Swine Flu. I don’t really know what pigs have against us…besides the fact that we only like them for their fatty and delicious goodness. Okay, so if you are one of those people who thinks the swine flu is going to kill us all I want to ask... Does this pig really want to hurt you? he looks like a damned cute to me... He can't wait to turn into bacon, pork chops, and a Ballpark Frank.

 The swine flu scare is all over the place, and I for one, think it is dumb as hell. Seriously!
 How short are people's attention spans that they panic about this stuff? Sars... anybody? The Bird Flu has killed a lot of people, hasn't it? 100 people in America EVERY DAY die of the plain old flu. How many have died of the swine flu total? 200 in 2 weeks? Some pandemic...

 As soon as you put a filthy animal's name in front of the word flu it makes people scared straight... You know what's scary... the turd-mite flu...