Feb 2, 2013

I'm Back in California

I'm back home now. After spending 12 wonderful days with my sweet babies I still feel like I did not get enough of the Triplets. Yesterday was so hard for me as I had to say goodbye to Kieran, Haydan and Presley they do not understand why I had to leave. Oh my heart was breaking as I hug and kissed each one of them. As I gave my sister Angela a kiss and a hug I finally broke down as she left the airport. This morning I was hoping to hear my sweet Kieran singing softly by my bed as he always did at 6:oo am. Than I realized I was back home. So today I spend the day praying for the Weydemullers. I learn first hand with Triplets it's a never ending job, the minute the Triplets wake up till the second they fall asleep at night, it's non-stop work... Angela has no outside help. With Patrick's long work days, Angela does it all. I really wish they can move back to California where she can get all the family support she and Patrick need.

Here is just a few out of 2,414 pictures I took of the Weydemuller's enjoy!


Anonymous said...

We love these pictures too, have a WONDERFUL cruise, wish we were coming too!!

We love you,
Angela and the trips!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Norma said...

Thanks Angela! I wish you were all coming with us to Alaska, I know how much you need the R and R time. Soon little sister soon you will have all the R & R you want when I bring my sweet babies back to California for a month or two.Whateve time you and Patrick allow us to have your presious babies.
Love you sis,