Jan 29, 2011

Seven Years Ago Today.

My Dearest Liam. Happy Birthday to you. Today you would of been 7 years old. I remember the day I held you in my arms and telling myself how blessed Rudy & I are just to be able to see and hold you before they took you away. Our beautiful little Angel. You touched so many of us and we will never forget you. I think of you everyday and wonder what you are doing in heaven are you playing with Miss Molly and sitting on your Opa Don's Lap?
Every time I see Daddy, Mommy and  your Brothers & sister I wonder who you would of looked like the most. I know you would of made a great big brother to kieran, Haydan & Presley. But this I know. You are always watching over them and being Mommy & Daddys eyes when they are not around.
I love you Liam and can't wait to see you again. Your Auntie Norma


Taylor Lamb said...

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Teena in Toronto said...

Nice tribute.

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Children - the greatest blessing of all..being a parents is a sweet responsibility, not easy though but it's worth it!

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